Young Minds Series

Now you don’t have to worry about your little stars carrying several books around because the Workbook simplifies it all. The Workbook is filled with fundamental basic lessons in Akhlaaq, Fiqh, Aqaa-id, Taareekh and a few Ahaadeeth. Activity in this book is mostly recall divided in four terms. Three terms of work and the last term revision of the years work thereby building a firm foundation for future learning. The rest of the activity books in the set complement each other making for a perfect fun filled learning experience.

A brilliant Arabic alphabet activity book targeting your little star’s knowledge of discerning the Arabic alphabet. Forming the alphabets correctly and completing one visual discrimination activity per alphabet makes for excited learning. Don’t be alarmed if all your little stars want to do is “the red book”. Who would blame them after all with page after page of great stimulating activities.

This fast seller is suitable for ages 4 and up. The best part is learning a new Arabic word with each letter. Use it as a fun way to introduce Arabic vocabulary. The skill of the dominant hand of your little star will begin to exceed of the non-dominant hand. Train older children by instructing them to specifically shade in the illustrations in the colours you require. This enhances visual motor integration.

Just as its name suggests, this numeracy book is crammed with activities that cover visual perceptual and visual motor integration skills. Introduction to Arabic numerals with counting, ordering, shape, position and movement activities, will keep your little stars so busy, you will never have to worry about classroom boredom.

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